Share with us!

We want to HEAR FROM YOU to help us turn Lateral Violence into Lateral Love!

If you are involved in positive initiatives and programs across the country that are having a real impact on the Social and Emotional Well-Being for our peoples we want to hear from you!

Send us any information that you want the world to see in regard to the promotion of Aboriginal and Islander Culture that is making an real impact at all levels right through to the grass roots and vice versa! There are some great things happening across the country and we all need to hear about it.

Lets join forces to promote our strong, intelligent, resourceful and resilient Aboriginal and Islander peoples of this country!

Share and show each other and the world what we are already doing and the amazing things we are achieving!

Together we can turn Lateral Violence into Lateral Love through education and knowledge sharing, genuinely listening and empowering each other and those around us.

Yours in the fight for unity through Lateral Love & Spirit of Care for All Humankind,

The Lateral Love Australia Team

Send us an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to be included in our National information sharing initiative.

2 thought on “Share with us!”

  1. Carolccunha says:

    i found your blog when i was looking for a different sort of information but i was very happy and glad to read through your blog. the information available here is great.

  2. Siuyinh says:

    Brilliant way forward!

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