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SUBSCRIBE to the Lateral Love® Australia Network by sending an email to us at with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Lateral Love® Network is an information sharing initiative.

It is our aim for individuals to discuss important issues surrounding Lateral Violence in Australia, and we look forward to hearing views, opinions, suggestions and feedback during the Lateral Love® & Spirit of Care for all Humankind Campaign 2012 – 2022 and beyond.

The network provides a portal for people to talk directly to us about their personal experiences with Lateral Violence in a safe and confidential manner.

Together we can turn Lateral Violence into Lateral Love® through education and knowledge sharing, genuinely listening and empowering each other and those around us.

Yours in the fight for unity through Lateral Love® & Spirit of Care for All Humankind,

The Lateral Love® Team

Lateral Love® Australia & Lateral Love® Network



“The Decade of Lateral Love® 2012 – 2022”

“We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Islander (including the Torres Straits) peoples of Australia as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country, and their intrinsic connection to Land, Waterways, Islands and Communities. In this Journey we strive for Cultural Knowledge to be shared with all Australians to provide the platform for equality of Rights for all Humankind. We do this by sharing knowledge, listening, empowering people, creating confidence, self-esteem and the genuine possibilities for a brighter future for our children, our grand-children and all future generations that walk in our fore father’s footsteps.”

“We subscribe to Zero Tolerance to Lateral Violence”

15 thought on “Join Us”

  1. Kerry Firkin says:

    I do acknowledge the Aboriginal and Islander peoples of Australia
    I would dearly love to learn from them

  2. Narelle Smith says:


    I love your acknowledgement. Do you mind if I take it to use at the bottom of my emails (with reference to your site of course)?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hello Narelle, by all means please feel free to use our acknowledgement. Yours in Unity through Lateral Love and Spirit of Care, Brian, Nicci & The Lateral Love Australia Team

      1. Narelle Smith says:

        Thanks so much.

  3. Please be kind enough to count me in. I am not Australian, or “in” Australia, but, I certainly appreciate and concur with your reasoning and approach to this all to human problem.

    Dr. GP Weyble

    1. Siuyinh says:

      Mrs Neutrons Garage: I’ve seen yr abusive reply to my comment and will be reporting u to the moderators! Such a hostile attitude is not welcome on this site. We are about love and restorative justice – not about furthering abuse and hostility.

  4. Ben Vereen says:

    This is so needed in this time, in this space, in this world now . Yes do join up for Love is in need of your love today to make change in all things unlike itself. One by one they will come for they will hear, they will see , they will
    rejoice to know love lives within them as it has lived within us all waiting to be awakened again . This is the Decade of the call to action for love to free us all from violence . Join up now for the world is in need of lateral love in our homes in our communities , in our hearts …..spread the word, spread the LOVE….

  5. Ben Vereen says:

    My friends in America please be on the look out for our connection to our friends and families in Australia when we join up as Decade of Lateral Love US…will keep you posted …

  6. Marguerite Riley says:

    I am 54 years old and the highlight of my life has been working amongst and assisting Aboriginal people of Western Cape York.
    I have leared so much from the Kunjen,Kokoberra and Kokmenjenna and feel priviledged to have had the opportunity to work and reside in their Community.
    However, grog and sadness affects people in the wrong way. I hope I can spread this love around in Kowanyama Community.

    Marguerite Riley

    1. Marguerite, I will be coming to Cairns in August 29 Aug – 2 Sept 2012 and would love to catch up with you and your communities, please send your contact details to our email address and if your have any community gatherings or yarning circles happening, please send me an invite if this is appropriate. Brian Butler

  7. Carol Vilasboash says:


  8. Celia says:

    hey, i like your valuable article in which you have described very well with point wise.

  9. your blog happens to be not just informative but also very stimulating too.

  10. Siuyinh says:

    Dear Lateral Love Australia,

    I love this website and want to see it benefit those who come here looking for a genuine space to promote love and restorative justice for indigenous peoples and I really appreciate the fact that there are many in the community who are serious about positively acting on issues that adversely affect us and also promote a healthy climate of cultural regeneration alongside avenues for harmonious dialogue and discussion around indigenous concerns. I am rather concerned about someone by the name of Mrs Neutron’s garage, who is not really genuine in their interest about what goes on here. I received the following abusive response from them and am concerned that the presence of such hostile people should be restricted. This was their reply to me:

    “Sorry for me? Stick it up your ass Pollyanna! While you are at it… cut out the “u” crap and write like a grown-up.

    “Triumph over the wicked” is it now? What next… will you be raising money to fill in all the valleys because you love the mountains so much?”

    This kind of thing is certainly not lateral-love centered. I don’t know who “Pollyanna” is – that isn’t my username but the message was a reply to me. I suppose because I looked at his website and discovered a whole lot of “color-blind racism” which I tried to gently point out to him and that is what I copped. Is there anything that can be done to stop these kind of individuals from mis-using the site?



  11. This poor Siuyinh person. How I ended up a player in their illusionary persecution playlet I don’t know. I do know that there are psychological services available in many places. I hope Siuyinh lives in one of them.

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