World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2012



By Nicola Butler, Images supplied

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) is proud to have secured an excellent line up of international, national and interstate speakers for its seventh conference to observe World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2012 was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia on 14th June 2012. The theme was ‘There’s no excuse for abuse – addressing the future’

The program of highly regarded speakers explored the current and potential role organisations and individuals play in addressing the multi-layered nature of abuse of older people.

Bridget Penhale, Reader in Mental Health of Older People, School of Nursing Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UEA, Norwich UK was the Keynote Speaker.

ARAS has taken a leading role in raising awareness of older people, the community and service providers about the right of older people to be safe from harm, abuse and neglect, by someone they should be able to trust.

ARAS advocates work with older people, to protect their interests and prevent further mistreatment.  ARAS has an Aboriginal Advocacy Program that assists Aboriginal elders who are experiencing abuse by people in a relationship of trust.

ARAS has recently collaborated with the Council of Aboriginal Elders of South Australia (CAESA) on an 18-month community development project ‘Preventing Abuse of Aboriginal Elders’ that was funded by Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) through the Attorney-General’s Department.

Aboriginal elders involved in the project expressed their belief that loss of respect for the elders by younger people in their communities was a key factor in the mistreatment and exploitation of the elders.  They requested that ARAS and CAESA hold a Mentoring Camp for elders and youth in a traditional meeting place in South Australia’s desert region near Coober Pedy, to help restore respect for the elders and for their culture.

These photographs, taken at the Mentoring Camp from 21st to 25th May 2012, show the young people participating in a traditional Aboriginal welcome and other activities with the elders.

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