John Rowsthorne and Beverley Wyner

National Indigenous Times, Wanniassa, Australian Capital Territory

National Indigenous Times

PO Box 3076
Wanniassa, Australian Capital Territory 2903

+61 1300 786 611
+61 1300 786 622 Fax

The National Indigenous Times first hit the streets on February 27, 2002. The paper is staffed and owned by black and white Australians. It does not, and has never, received Government grants or funding to survive. When we first launched the paper, we made two promises to our readers: That we would do our best to help build a bridge between black and white Australia That we wouldn’t shy away from reporting the tough issues. The first promise, surprisingly, has been the easiest part. In Australia, there exists a genuine belief among most that the ongoing prosperity of this nation lies in our ability to face up to our past. So ‘helping to build a bridge’ between both parties hasn’t been all that tough. In fact it’s been very rewarding, although we acknowledge it’s an ongoing project that will undoubtedly outlive all of the staff and owners of NIT.

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