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Lateral Love’s Brian Butler, Josephine Cashman and Gordon Syron in Sydney on the 1st September 2013.

Black Fella’s Dreaming …

Black Fella’s Dreaming is the story behind the largest collection of Aboriginal art put together by Aboriginal people. It’s the story of a cultural movement started in the 70s by a group of artists including Gordon Syron, one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal artist and the pioneer of Urban Aboriginal Art. Using their art as a means of expression, they engaged actively in a quest to make it possible for Aboriginal people to run their own culture.

To find out more about this collection, go to www.blackfellasdreaming.com.au.

The Black Bastards Are Coming

“My strength in painting is political”, says Syron. “I use satire and raw imagery to send a message that Australian History has left out the Aboriginal people and their stories. Art is a way to convey and tell these stories. By turning around the picture – for instance to dress Aboriginal people in Redcoats and black boots and have white people standing naked holding spears on the shore when the first fleet arrived, as in my painting The Black Bastards Are Coming, it makes people understand and comprehend history in a different way.” ~ Gordon Syron




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