Frances Peters-Little

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Frances Peters-Little is a Kamilaroi/Uralarai woman and Research Fellow at ANU. Before coming to Canberra, she was a filmmaker for the ABC and left in 1995 after working on more than 18 documentaries as researcher, producer and director. The film she is best known for was Tent Embassy, which screened for the True Stories series on the ABC and won a Sundance Award. She was the Australian producer for the international documentary co-production the Storytellers of the Pacific series. Today Frances Peters-Little spends most of her time writing, and is currently in the final stages of her book entitled The Return of the Noble Savage: By Popular Demand. She is also working on her second book, the official biography on the life of her father, Jimmy Little, which is expected to be published by ABC Books. Her other projects include the ARC Discovery projects Unsettling Histories (2004) and A Historical Study of Indigenous Higher Education Centres in Australia (2002).


List Frances Peters-Little’s works published with ANU E Press

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