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Asha Frost Homeopathic Doctor

Dr. Asha Frost

As a member of the Chippewas, Asha continues to follow the path of her elders and their teachings of a traditional and spiritual way of life. She is a homeopath, who is currently studying shamanic healing practices. Asha’s gentle spirit and ability to heal has been an asset to families for many years now.

A doctor of homeopathic medicine. At the age of seventeen Asha was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus). The first line of attack in treating her illness was through modern medicine which included pharmaceuticals. During Asha’s second year of university the treatment she was undergoing began to cause her to feel even more sick than prior to her diagnosis. It was at that time Asha intuitively knew there must be another means to treat her illness outside of modern medicine.

Focusing on the Mind/Body connection Asha turned to Homepathic medicine and found through gentle, non-invasive ‘individual’ treatment she was able to successfully treat and heal herself. Many of the symptoms Asha once lived with no longer exist within her body and the ones that continue to linger are controlled and managed through homeopathic remedies. Asha knew once she gained further insight into her illness and the natural course of healing she attained for herself, she wanted nothing more than to share this wonderful healing art with others.

QUOTE From Asha Frost When Asked “What Is Homeopathy?” …. “Homeopathy is a natural and scientific system of medicine that stimulates the body to heal itself. It addresses the fact that all symptoms of dis-ease are imbalances within the individual that must be treated on a holistic level. Thus, in homeopathy we treat the disharmony occurring in the patient as opposed to merely the “disease” state.”

Asha’s warmth extends from within her words out into the Soul and well-being of those she works with and touches. A natural born intuitive Asha incorporates natural healing modalities into her practice and offers extensive courses in meditation connecting you to your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and natural healing abilities.

I urge you to visit Asha’s personal website and to contact her for an appointment today!


178 Matthew Boyd Cres
Newmarket, Ontario


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