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Lateral Love® Australia is devoted to bringing Lateral Violence for Aboriginal & Islander (including the Torres Straits) Peoples of Australia into the public arena.

Lateral Love® Australia aims to share truthful information about the history of Australia, highlighting the deliberate impacts of colonization, and the damage done to the human spirit regardless of race due to the manifestations of Lateral Violence.

William Brian Butler & his niece Nicola Butler are the individuals behind the Lateral Love® & Spirit of Care for all Humankind 2012 – 2022 Campaign.

This campaign is a product and culmination of the life works of William Brian Butler and Nicola Butler and is an ongoing, living, breathing environment for positive discussions, development of resources and suggestions for change that will have a lasting impact for Human Rights, Social Inclusion and the Spiritual and Emotional Well-being for all peoples in this country and around the world.

Since the inception of this campaign on 23rd January 2012, born out of desperation at the devastatingly high rate of Aboriginal and Islander youth suicide in this country, particularly after losing many of their own family members and friends at the hand of suicide through Lateral Violence, Brian and Nicola embarked on this journey together in the hope that a National Action Plan would develop to ensure Cultural Safety Programs become a mandatory directive for all Corporations, Organisations and Government Departments and Agencies, thus ensuring a culturally competent workforce that can operate from a position of accountability for knowledge and understanding to result in positive change on the ground.

20 thought on “About The Co-Founders”

  1. David Selden says:

    What a wonderful site. The Aboriginal experience of British colonisation is testimony to the primitive nature of Western society. Disease, mass death, and homelessness do not attend entry into an advanced society. Being a member of the lower classes is not a gift. It is a curse. Full of violence. The approach advocated here attests to a higher order and the many true gifts of civilisation freely given by Aboriginal people.

    1. Thank you David, Lateral Love and Spirit of Care to you and your family, Brian & Nicci

  2. deborahwelch says:

    Congratulations Brian and Nicci on your site and this initiative, positive and inspiring. Love is the answer, but it’s not simple, it is always challenged by our fears. So it takes people to be brave – thanks for your example and look forward to being part of it. Can you add a subscribe feature to this site?

    1. Thank you Deborah, You are right it is not a simple answer but if we all take small steps outside of our comfort zones, we will begin to eliminate our fears. Lateral Love and Spirit of Care to you and your family, Brian & Nicci

  3. Eliza Appoo says:


    1. Thank you Eliza, Lateral Love and Spirit of Care to you and your family, Brian & Nicci

  4. David Joseph says:

    Two hands clapping has been shared, love it.

    1. Fantastic David, We are so happy that you were moved to share this information with the people you care about. One of the primary objectives of this campaign is for us all to begin sharing again, sharing the important things in life to create a harmonious existence for us all. Lateral Love and Spirit of Care to you and your family, Brian & Nicci

  5. Tricia says:

    Brian and Nicci, what a great initiative. We have been having discussions with families and work collegues on Lateral Violence, with an aim to expose it for what it is and work towards solutions to minimise/cease this within our communites. Our people have endured way too much over the years and it is long over due that the healing begin. I look forward to reading further articles from your site and will forward this onto my work collegues.
    Well done

  6. stanwiedeman says:

    I would not pretend to know much about the social injustices of your country, but I applaud your courage and conviction to try to bring true expressions of love and justice to your society. May God bless your efforts.

  7. Kate Swaffer says:

    Great initiative, and I love the symnbolism of the two hands. Thanks for following my blog too.

  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to follow my blog. You have a fabulous blog, as a newbie to Australia, I love to see some positivity and sharing of truthful information on Aboriginal culture.

  9. Great work !!
    And thanks for visiting my blog !

  10. benjjordan says:

    When ‘Lateral Love Australia’, liked one of my blog posts, I couldn’t quite understand why. Now, having looked at your blog, the answer is clear. Shared understanding requires not only communication, but effort and outreach. I wish you success in your goals!

  11. Congratulations on your site, on the initiative and courage to discuss the theme!
    Greetings from our traveling family!

  12. Forgot to add: thank you very much for joining our blog forum and becoming a follower! 😮

  13. Jo Fredric says:

    Thank you for following our blog. Your site is great and I really wish you every success with your project. I have loved getting the opportunity to experience and tell people a little about Aboriginal culture, and I hope that I get the chance to do more over the course of my time in the Territory.

  14. Thanks so much for following my blog – as an ex-pat Aussie in North Cyprus, it is wonderful to be in touch with with you and to support such a visionary blog. I dips me lid, folks, I dips me lid to you.

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