Uncle Reg Dodd

Uncle Reg Dodd and Lateral Love's Nicola Butler in Marree, South Australia on 22nd October 2013

Uncle Reg Dodd and Lateral Love’s Nicola Butler in Marree, South Australia on 22nd October 2013

Uncle Reg runs Reg Dodd’s Arabunna Tours. Check out his website where you’ll find information about the tours and the Lake Eyre region along with some interesting history and information about the wonderful town of Marree.

Uncle Reg is an Aboriginal elder of the Arabunna people, indigenous to the Lake Eyre region. Reg’s tour takes you out to explore and learn about local Aboriginal culture, tradition, sacred sites and rock arts.

Visit his website here: http://www.arabunnatours.com.au/Arabunna_Tours/Welcome.html

About Uncle Reg

Reg Dodd is an Arabunna elder who was born on Finniss Springs Mission, at the Southern end of Lake Eyre. Reg was schooled on Finniss Springs until the age of 13, when he went to work as a Stockman on Anna Creek Station.

Reg started working with the Commonwealth railways in 1960, and stayed until the Railways closed down in 1986.

Reg later worked with the Department of Community Welfare, and the Department of Environment and Planning and Aboriginal Heritage.

Since 1996 Reg has been running tours, firstly as a joint venture with the Marree Arabunna Peoples Committee and Community Aid Abroad. Reg’s tour is now operated as an independent Aboriginal enterprise.

Reg has been involved with aboriginal affairs throughout the area and is an active member of the Marree community. Reg is currently serving as the Chairperson of the Marree Progress Committee Inc.

Contact Reg Dodd:


c/- Post Office


South Australia 5733

Email: reg.dodd@gmail.com

phone: +61 886 758 351

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