STAR Core Values – We all need these! Tools for Teaching Truly!

STAR Core Values

(4R’s) Rubric





Level 5: Integrates 2 or more Core Values at Level 4

Level 4: Responsible for Self and Responsive to Others

Supports others with positive comments. Helps others and self to identify and follow directions.

Demonstrates satisfaction from sharing and caring for others. Is supportive of others and helps others take responsibility for their actions and work.

Conscientiously identifies and performs tasks willingly in a self-directed way that aligns with community needs.

Demonstrates the ability to independently use a technique (e.g. Ask, Brainstorm, Choose) to resolve conflicts.


Willingly and Collaboratively works within a group.

Demonstrates through actions and words understanding of interrelatedness (K’e) with people, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Displays ownership for work completed and any action taken.

Actively helps others think through problems to a solution.


 Acknowledges other people’s feelings and offers support. Helps others and self-achieve individual and group potential.

Reliably does what s/he says s/he will do.


Level 3: Committed

Makes Positive comments and “put-ups” some of the time.

Willingly shares ideas, materials, or time.

Models appropriate behaviours and recognizes expectations.

Often demonstrates consideration of consequences before acting.


Willingly works with a partner.

Participates in service activities willingly.

Offers positive input to others.

Frequently uses discussion to solve problems.


Listens and attends to others.

Takes some risk in sharing ideas with others.

Accepts tasks willingly.



 Is aware of others’ feelings and responds to their needs.

Actively participates in group activities.

Level 2: In Control

With some reminders, keeps self from calling others names, striking or pushing others, using negative comments, negative body language or “put-downs”.

Will share ideas, materials, or time when given a reward.

With some encouragement, lives within limits and accepts community guidelines.

With some encouragement, thinks things through before acting.


Allows others to listen and pay attention.

With some encouragement, will participate in service activities.

With some encouragement, keeps self from acting out negatively.

Often uses discussion to resolve conflicts or solve problems.


Is aware of others feelings but ignores them.

Participates when assigned to small group activities.

Level 1: Irresponsible

Calls other people names.

Does not share time, materials, or ideas with others.

Does not take ownership for negative actions or words.

Does not think things through before acting.


Strikes or pushes others.

Does not take responsibility for own actions or work.

Acts out in a disruptive manner that is harmful or disturbing to self and others.

Does not use discussion to resolve conflicts or solve problems.


Uses negative comments, negative body language, or “put-downs”.

Denies wrongdoing.


Hurtful, with little or no regard for how others feel.

Chooses not to accept role as community member.


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