True Stories : 001

True Stories Series – As people share their situations with us throughout the course of this Campaign many have indicated their wish to share so that we may all become aware of the impact of Lateral Violence that exists in 2012 within our workplaces, communities and families. These are the stories and accounts of the real life experience and heartache felt by individuals, dealt by the hand of Lateral Violence. Please be aware that the information contained within these stories may cause considerable distress and spark issues for some readers.

True Stories : 001

I pride myself in communicating with staff, clients and community for better outcomes for Aboriginal people. I follow the Code of Ethics. I work within the parameters of the agency policies and guidelines. However, I still find myself in a position of fighting for my livelihood.

It has been said to me by a non-Australian person in a senior management position; “keep them (Aboriginal peoples) suppressed and you have a job for life”. This certainly seems to be a theme throughout this country.

Why do Government continue to have non-Indigenous staff in senior positions?

Are there not any well educated Indigenous individuals capable of working in senior positions?

Does the Government believe it can continue to implement programs across this country without listening to the input, advice or opinions from Communities and experienced Indigenous staff?

Government has an agenda of recruiting Aboriginal staff under a national policy of Indigenous Recruitment, since commencement of the Indigenous Recruitment program not one Aboriginal person holds a senior position.

I believed that to work under a train the trainer principle, we must mentor and support someone from community to be elevated into our current positions from which we would then move on. Is this not the ultimate role of Government when working with Aboriginal people on Aboriginal Communities – to make the Communities self-sufficient and self-determining? I am yet to be convinced that this is so, after decades of promises to my people.

I am compelled to fight for the young children who, as I write this, are living away from Family, Community and their homeland that they love to get a better education.

What is the point of this heartache if these young children will never sit in positions of power and influence within their own Communities?

Why are non-Indigenous people taking these positions from Our People?

My fight continues…

Name and Address Withheld for protection of the individual.

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