Indigenous Healing & Holistic Health Care Forum

[NSW] Sydney – Tuesday 30th October 2012

You are invited to participate and contribute to a discussion on working together to close the gap for Aboriginal health.

Venue: The Theatrette, NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney

Date: Tuesday 30 October 2012

Time: 9.30am: Welcome reception.

The Forum will start promptly at 10am and will conclude at 12 noon. Informal networking until 12.30pm


  • Kristy Masella – Group Manager Social Justice, Aboriginal Affairs
  • Associate Professor Melissa Haswel – Muru Marri, Indigenous Health Unit, UNSW
  • Sally Crawshaw – National Senior Project Officer, Indigenous Service and Program Development, Australian Red Cross
  • David Leah – Gamarada Graduate (a consumer’s perspective)
  • Facilitator:Ken Zulumovski, Co-founder and Chair, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd

RSVP: 26 October 2012. Ken Zulumovski – email: or phone: 0433 346 645


  • To facilitate a conversation among service providers on shared experiences, successes and challenges when engaging Aboriginal people, families and communities in health and social and emotional well being services.
  • To showcase a range of best practice models of engagement for service delivery that are relevant to our setting.
  • To create a strategy or plan to enhance our service linkages


This Forum seeks to initiate a process with the following goals:

  • service providers gaining insight and idea through sharing experiences with each other.
  • Increased joined up partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers.
  • Enhanced relationships between service providers and organisational partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous services.
  • Improved customer service and acces sto service provision through better understanding and capacity to support clients broader needs.
  • Increased networking and pathways for Indigenous workers with non- Indigenous services.
  • Identfication and filling of gaps in service delivery
  • Better informed training and workforce development activities

Gamarada will facilitate a follow up forum in six months to enable service providers to share progress, identify continued challenges and discuss new initiatives for further enhancement.

Who should attend?

  • Representatives from government and non-government mainstream community services,
  • regional level managers and directors involved in planning and partnerships,
  • representatives and members of local Indigenous communities in the Sydney area; and
  • university students from various faculties e.g public health, medicine, law, social work, psychology, and criminology.

Participants will include Aboriginal community leaders from the Sydney Metropolitan area and government and non-government services providers.

About the Organiser

Gamarada Indigenous Healing & Life Training

Indigenous Australians experience markedly higher rates of mental illness, disadvantage and life stressors than their non-Indigenous counterparts. This entrenched situation has largely defied attempts by policy makers and legislators to come up with positive solutions. The Australian Human Rights Commission recommended in its ‘Bringing Them Home Report’ that part of the solution to these problems was to create innovative healing programs. The Gamarada Healing, Life Skills and Leadership Programs achieve this goal by building capacity in individuals and assisting them to reach out and engage employment, legal, health and community services thus increasing individual functioning and reducing the discrepancies between the populations.



Ken Zulumovski
Kira-dhan, Kabbi Kabbi Nation

Chair, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd. Redfern, NSW, Australia, 2016
Manager, Gamarada-Parental and Community Engagement Program

Mobile: +61 (0)433 346 645

2 thought on “Indigenous Healing & Holistic Health Care Forum”

  1. Othmar says:

    I certainly commend and support your forum. I hope it was a success. I live on the opposite side of the planet and have been working with indigenous communities in the far North of Canada. This experience, and particularly the observation of the current cross-cultural professional practice, has led me to my research interests in peace and health. Some of my thoughts are published: “Nursing practice with Aboriginal communities: expanding world views ( Only an increased understanding of the colonial history and the subtle mechanisms of racism, as well as an appreciation of diverse indigenous world views, will eventually foster a bridging of cultural differences and a culturally safe and inclusive provision of health care services. I am grateful to Irihapeti Ramsden, a Maori nurse from Aotearoa, for developing the cultural safety framework. A few progressive nursing researchers and advocates have been informed and inspired by that initiative.
    It is still a long struggle for indigenous peoples to become equal members in the dominant societies, to overcome the widening gap of health disparities, and to experience true healing. I wish you all the best in your undertaking!

    Othmar F. Arnold

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