Mark Bin Bakar – AKA Mary G

Meet Mark Bin Bakar …

I am a Kitja man who has been a major contributor to the Kimberley, Western Australia and Australia through the Arts and Media. I am a committed person and have a state and national profile through my character Mary G.

I have access to a national satellite and radio network broadcasting 52 nights of the year, once a week every year since 1992. I am a live performer and a television presenter, and have won a number of awards over the years. I am also a writer, director and producer of film and video. I have had three documentaries and two series of 6 episodes each on national television.
I established and created the nationally acclaimed Stompem Ground Festival. I have events management skills along with public speaking and submission writing abilities. You can watch the ABC Message Stick program here

I see an important role for Mary G as a voice for the empowerment of our people through self esteem, education and awareness of issues. Mary G is a great tool which can assist in attacking the ignorance and anti-social behaviour of many young people. Mary G has a history and proven track record that has the ears of Indigenous Australia listening, laughing and learning. Not to mention the mainstream…

Meet Mary G …

Mary G is a dynamic character and cheeky personality who occupies any medium, as proven so far through the many demands and expectations on her to deliver corporate, commercial and public television content. She has had her own very successful television series which featured and continues to screen on SBSTV Australia.

Mary G has starred in many corporate and commercial productions that have had statewide and national broadcast. She is an old girl at this and sits comfortably in front of the camera delivering her humour, wit and mayhem while still speaking out with wisdom, empowerment and relevant health and wellbeing messages that are intended for and calculated to make a difference in the Indigenous community, and, most of all for the country through reconciliation.

Be sure to check out the Mary G Spot on YouTube.

Please make yourself at home here on my sacred site and take advantage of everything I have to offer.

We are all one people living in this country we call home. But we must respect our Indigenous people and all other ethnic groups that make up our country. Australia is like combination fried rice, all mixed up but plenty of flavour. Whaddayow.

There is a greater energy, spirit that is at work in the world around us and we must identify and learn to live with this.

Please visit my new shop to purchase what I have on offer or book me for your next event or festival or even just communicate with me.

This is an evolving space, like mankind. Here’s the goss on me:

• Continue touring on demand as a solo act or with my hot band The G-Spots
• Host of a new TV talk show Straight Shootin
• My new album Pardon My Passion
• My role in Stone Bros movie as Aunty Carol. I had great fun!
• Writing my own feature length Mary G movie and a new TV show
• Launch of my new record label Whaddayow Music
• Stock up my shop with more goodies for you
• Promote well being amongst our people

See below my video that encourages the eating of fruit in Indigenous communities-


Mary G hosts her own radio show between 7:00pm -10:00pm (WST) on Wednesday nights. You can listen online with any of these links:

Visit the Request A Song page to let Mary know what you’d like to hear!

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