Margaret McCallum

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Margaret McCallum

Margaret McCallum is currently a Workforce Strategist, Workforce Planning, Attraction and Retention in Workforce Division within SA Health. Margaret provides workforce planning and recruitment strategy across whole of SA Health for niche employment, workforce reform and hard to fill role types. Margaret manages a range of strategies in stakeholder engagement, event management and has represented recruitment opportunities on behalf of SA Health in New Zealand, England and Scotland.

Margaret is a dedicated Scout Leader with the Semaphore Scout Group, with Leadership roles at the 2007, 2010 and 2013 Australian Jamborees. In 2010 Margaret was awarded a Certificate of Merit in recognition of good service to the Association of Scouting Australia.

Margaret is a proud Aboriginal woman whose family is the product of the Assimilation Policies of the early 1900s. This history and interest in family has encouraged Margaret to pursue an interest in genealogy and family history research. Margaret is happily married with two teenage children. She enjoys the outdoors and time spent with family.

Currently Margaret is a participant of the 2013 GLF program.

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