Lannah Sawers-Diggins


Lannah Sawers-Dickens

Lannah Sawers-Diggins was born in South Australia and raised in the outback of that state. Due to the absolute isolation of her childhood, along with her brothers she was educated by School of the Air for her primary schooling. In those days, this was conducted by a wireless and hand held receiver, which Lannah can still vividly feel and smell. The mighty Royal Flying Doctor Service was also accessed via the same wireless set.

Lannah is an author and one of her current books is detailing life in the outback – visiting each of the 25-30 sheep and cattle stations scattered across the nation, she is delving into many aspects of life out there, including the impact of the internet and social media. The first leg of this research has recently taken her across two states and some of the information she has gleaned has been very interesting – with more to come.

She will be visiting the next state in September, doing much the same there as well as the last two states, following in November and just before Christmas.  Lannah is also about to launch a massive nationwide ‘advertising’ campaign inviting the people of the outback to contact her to give their views and feelings about the internet and social media generally. There are already some very interesting and varied opinions filtering through. She is also including a few schools in country towns where the feelings will be different again.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

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