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Joshua Vegas advocate and International Ambassador for Lateral Love Australia

By Nicola Butler 24 October 2012

Joshua Vegas, also known as Nneka Atto, is a female self-taught visual artist and singer hailing from Toronto, Canada.

Joshua is a female alternative pop singer and lyricist, with influences arising from folk, country, indie, pop, rock, alternative, and soul music. Although primarily a contralto singer, Josh boasts a wide vocal range, with many different “characters” within her voice. Joshua’s graphite pencil art is featured here in two of her works ‘Flight of the Arrow’ and ‘Heart’ done in her signature black-and-white, minimalist-influenced style as according to Joshua – “less is more”.

Joshua connects with Lateral Love Australia (LLA) as one of our International Ambassadors, empowering the cause and supporting our efforts to raise awareness and create positive change by encouraging dialogue around the true histories of colonised nations specifically around the impact and effect of the manifestations of Lateral Violence within our families and communities through participating in ‘The Decade of Lateral Love around the World 2012 – 2022’ and beyond.

Joining our growing number of International Ambassadors, advocates for Lateral Love, such as Ben Vereen and Aaron Vereen who both signed on to the ‘Decade of Lateral Love’ earlier this year during their Australian tour in June of 2012, Lateral Love Australia is now being viewed in 114 Countries by over 23,000 individuals Worldwide.

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome Joshua, it is an honoured to have her on board and we look forward to creating the opportunity for healing and change together in Unity through Lateral Love and Spirit of Care for all Humankind.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be an ambassador for Lateral Love Australia, and I take this as a great honour and privilege. I am a strong supporter of the Aboriginal communities across Canada and around the world, and I have no doubt that being involved with LLA will be a rewarding and enriching experience. Even as a very young child, I remember learning about the history of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada and thinking to myself, “That’s not fair”. The systemic racism that occurred throughout history as a result of colonialism has given way to the lateral violence that still exists today. For example, in Canada, a developed nation, some Aboriginal communities on reserves are living in third world conditions and are treated by the government as second-class citizens. And I still think to myself, “That’s not fair.”

Lateral violence and/or “trans-generational trauma” are serious problems, and working with LLA, I hope to spread this message of Lateral Love in hopes of fostering healing and change. Most importantly, I would like to help the younger generation, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to gain a greater understanding of love and cultural awareness. It is an enormous task, but it must start from somewhere. As the children and youth grow, I want such understanding and knowledge to grow with them.” Joshua Vegas 2012

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