Joe Geia

Joe Geia

About Joe Geia
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
• Performer
• Musician
• Singer/songwriter
• Artist
Composer of Yil Lull, Uncle Willie and Nunga, Koori and Murri love

Geia is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music. He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling of Aboriginal life in Australia, of the quest for justice and belonging, of history, family and love.

“I want to promote change and understanding, melodically and harmoniously,” he says, “while still sharing the little known aspects of Aboriginal history.”


Geia is perhaps best known for his song “Yil Lull”, regularly described as Australia’s unofficial Indigenous national anthem. “Yill Lull” has been covered by many of Australia’s best-known recording artists, including Paul Kelly, Shane Howard and Archie Roach, a Geia’s song “Uncle Willie” is about one of seven leaders (alongside Geia’s father, Albert) instrumental in the historic 1957 Palm Island strike that won Indigenous people the right to work for wages rather than rations for the community. This sense of social justice resonates through his songs.

Musician/singer songwriter/didjeridoo and Aboriginal Artist – paintings and CDs can be purchased from website.

'Wisdom Owls' by Joe Geia

‘Wisdom Owls’ by Joe Geia

“Love is Wise” ~ Joe Geia 2014

Contact Information
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Current Projects
Anthem Combined
Anthem Combined
Firstly let us start by saying that this campaign is in no way a negative reflection on the writer or the government for our current national anthem “Advance Australia Fair”.
It is important for both flags to have a song, especially when steps are now being taken for constitutional reform with the first people finally being acknowledged in the Constitution of Australia.

The song, Yil Lull was composed as a dedication to the Aboriginal flag and we believe that it is time — some 43 years after the flag was designed that it should also have a song. We believe the flag unites Aboriginal and Islander people across Australia with pride and unity.
We are not asking for Advance Australia Fair to be replaced but to be played with it just as our flags fly together, so should our anthem — just as South Africa and New Zealand have done in acknowledging its First Peoples.

“When words fail, music speaks”.

4 thought on “Joe Geia”

  1. Joe Geia says:

    Thank you Nicola and Uncle Brian. It is great to tour the journey with you both. I will get a few more good and pretentious things up on the page. And see if it will bring Love and understanding to all indigenous peoples first. First Peoples first with lateral love.

  2. Judith Conabere says:

    I love the junjarri painting. Could you please tell me how much it is for sale for?

    1. Hello Judith, this particular painting is $800:00 and is the Ngoorr-Kurr Yalangi/Imithurr story from North Queensland Ku-Ku nation. To contact Joe please visit his website at or email him direct on Yours in unity through lateral love and spirit of care, Nicola

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