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0009 Eddie Janama Kitching

Artist Eddie Janama Kitching

By Nicola Butler

Hailing from a large Aboriginal family in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Eddie Kitching has been painting now for 30+ years and has exhibited all over Australia with permanent pieces also in the USA.

Eddie is a proud Mudpurra /Gurindji man who started painting in 1982 and with family permission has spent many years learning stories and travelling country.

He began painting about his Grandmother and Mother’s country, Cattle Creek (Warlu Jata Jata), on the infamous “Wave Hill” station (Jinparrak) where Aboriginal stockmen and families “Walked Off” the station in protest of the treatment they received.

‘In August 1966, Aboriginal pastoral workers walked off the job on from Vesteys’ cattle station at Wave Hill in the Northern Territory. At first they expressed their unhappiness with their poor working conditions and disrespectful treatment. Conversations between stockmen who had worked for Vesteys and Dexter Daniels, the North Australian Workers’ Union Aboriginal organiser, led to the initial walk off.

The next year the group moved to Wattie Creek, a place of significance to the Gurindji people. They asked Frank Hardy to ‘make a sign’ which included the word ‘Gurindji’, their own name for themselves. Their disaffection was deeper than wages and working conditions.

Although these stockmen and their families could not read, they understood the power of the white man’s signs. Now their name for themselves, written on a sign, asserted a claim to Gurindji lands.’ http://www.indigenousrights.net.au/section.asp?sID=11

“My painting gives me opportunities to exhibit my work with online galleries, and I am working towards an exhibit in Australia from 2014 onward.” He said.

Eddie is calling out to anyone who may have a space, venue, or gallery with an opportunity, or opening to exhibit, if you can assist please contact him direct on 0414 452 316.

Eddie Janama Kitching Cert of Authenticity

You can also find Eddie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EddieJanamaKitching

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