Craig Rigney



Craig Rigney with Nicola Butler at the Tauondi College Gala Dinner held in Adelaide recently.


By Craig Rigney

I sat and stared into a mirror for you,
To see who was looking back and what i can do.
I realised quite quickly and then felt quite weird,
When i knew right away what it was that i feared.

I should have been looking for me and not you.
There is goodness inside me and that much i knew.
What it is it was and nothing much more,
To the outsider though i seem such a bore.

So now im feeling rather lost and confused,
I know I am and surely you must be too.
This pattern of thoughts I wrestle and battle,
Bouncing around in my world in my head a rattle.

Looking back at myself and pondering too,
Staring wondering would I ever ask that of you?
To sit there staring and question your dreaming,
Then to undermine you with all of my scheming.

The answer to that is quite easy I know,
For I try to be me not judge others on show.
That is not easy to say nor easy to do,
But that’s the difference between me and you.

You asked me to sit there and self analyze
I did and it hurt me but then i realised.
You’re hurting inside and don’t want others to see,
So you hurt what is closest to you and that was me.

I forgive you now and the path is so clear,
When staring at myself it was you I could hear.
Thank you for asking that I look into my heart,
For my path is now clear its your turn to start.

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