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Brett Leavy is an immersive heritage specialist, virtual historian and artist. His innovative idea to re-create the real environment for mapping Indigenous culture and heritage values combines his communicative, creative, organisational, technical and editorial skills into writing, editing and making an engaging and exciting experience. Brett’s artistic skills showcase a proven record of achievement in implementing a variety of websites, enterprise management and specialised applications especially in the field of cultural heritage management.

His multi-faceted skills cover the areas of management, media and communications and cultural heritage management including functional design, project management, education and user experiential design. Brett’s energy and enthusiastic support for cultural heritage management and education has led to him being a published author in print and web media including radio, newspaper, award-winning virtual design, web design and creative innovation.

Brett is currently General Manager of the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS), a national hub broadcasting network that serves Indigenous media organisations with news and special features. NIRS supplies high quality entertainment, news and editorial to all members who can retransmit the service as and when needed.

What Brett does not tell you is:

He is an incredibly interesting, warm-hearted and engaging man. He is smart, well educated, political and historically informed with a fascinating personal history. He is passionate about educating the community in an engaging way about Indigenous history. He is also genuinely committed to honouring and respecting his Aboriginal heritage and his people. Born and raised in Blacktown NSW, Brett now lives in Brisbane QLD with his wife and four sons. He travels interstate regularly with his work.

Some further background you won’t easily find is:

Brett was a Track & Field Champion and National 200m sprint champion, maintaining a career for almost 10 years as a consistently fast sprinter and competing competitively at both state and national levels, from 1983-1992. In 1984 he ran against Carl Lewis and said he wanted to be “faster than Carl Lewis”. The last time he ran competitively was in 1992 for Australia on the Oceania Team for the IAAF World Cup in Athletics, in Cuba. Brett also played Rugby Union for Australia in 1986 in the under 21’s and then the following year he played for Australia in the very first 1st World Cup series in 1987. He now coaches primary school kids “to run fast” as he says. “Give me any kid and I can teach them”.

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